Is it ME or WE ?

Today’s times are tough times..

Specifically talking about growing cities and also established mega and metro cities.

Slowly and gradually we have moved to living life which has ‘I’ at the Centre.

Yes  ..

Without realising it WE have become self (I) centred…

Just keeping SELF as Focal Point in ………. our individual likes …………….. life style.. fashion… literature .. gadgets ……… feminism ……… rituals… even parenting and social work .. everywhere ME is ruling.

So everyone is shouting………

I can not be questioned..(kids)

I can not be restricted….(feminists)

I need not to be regulated (liberal)

I should not be judged (public figures)

I may not be intellectual and will frighten you (godman)

I will loot you (businessman)

I will confuse you (intellectual)

I will break up with you 😢

In all this I Me Myself we seldom think that in long forgotten past..our ancestors had done पुरुषार्थ to create a Family System…a Marriage System..a Gurukul System..all keeping group as Unit of Universe and not 1 Person.

If you look at their original intention will be astonished to find that in a very subtle manner they created a way of life  which had the capability to inculate values within humam beings…

To have a Family

To live in Community

To Rise as a Nation

To put WE ahead ME.. .. by creating Institutions where Duties or धर्म  was more focussed then Rights

Psychologically, it fullfiled many nascent needs of human being .Love Care Support Encouragement Fun  etc. and gave Emotions a positive direction..

Materialistically, it started Agriculture and Trade which helped us progress..

The result was a CULTURE.. or संस्कृती which culminated into astounding achievements . For example Vedic Culture, Greek Culture, Egyptian Culture, Roman Culture.

I was fortunate to join one such contemporary devotional family of millions …स्वाध्याय परिवार which is based on similar principles and has recreated  a succesaful alternative society having such system ( but thats a different topic and not to be shared but needs to be personally experienced)

Being part of it, I learned about our Cultural and Philosophical beauty in Thoughts, Actions and Speech..

If you go and live in small cities or village for reasonable period you can feel what our sages have built…….

– Family Values to take care of other in good and bad times

– Marriage and other संस्कार …  16 to be precise …. to elevate mankind from mere material living..

– Keeping Spirituality and God at the centre ..daily routines were divided as धर्म अर्थ काम  and मोक्ष

– Keeping balanced Life in mind Ashram System came into functioning.. i.e. Student, Married, Forest dweller and Sanyasi..

All of this was done to keep at centre WE the Humankind living as वसुदैव कुटुम्बकम ।

With advant of Science and Technology are not we again rolling back to what I said initially.. only I ..I… and I as everything …

How that happened & How Much  of what I said is true.. I leave it upto you to think and ponder…(so much I again..)

Do respond here…


24 thoughts on “Is it ME or WE ?

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  1. Very deeply felt and thought about article GB. Thoughts are well drafted and I believe will make each one of us think on where we stand and how do we proceed forward. Unfortunately, I too belong to the confused lot and hence cannot comment at this point. Thank you so much for bringing it up.

  2. Nice effort to think of ‘We’ in today’s ‘I’ world. Would like to just add on to the history part where i think the entire society was built on WE thought i.e. the Varna Vyavastha. The centre thought itself was WE in it.

    Also what i feel is that the focus today is money which further aggravates the need for ‘I’. Once people realise that the goal of life is not ONLy to earn money but to lead a good life and to develop it, i am sure WE would take over

    But a nice thought to ponder upon. Keep it up

    1. yes.How could I miss Varna Vyavastha which removed fear of earning insecurity and brought excellence
      Right Sandeep

  3. Great thought!!!! yes there is energy in word “WE” and that you realised only in tough time, There is nothing permanent but the relationship you developed with society will save you when needed. The block is very thoghtfull n wel drafted . Thanks Gaurang and waiting for blocks Best of luck

  4. Very thought provoking article..
    Well written and articulated.

    No surprises that the article relates to swadhyay.

  5. Good thoughts Gaurang !!!
    At times, one needs to step back & think through whether it is all about ‘I’ or together as ‘We’ more meaning can be brought to every individual’s life.

  6. Nice work Gaurang, this was shared to me by our common friend Anant, I am thankful to him. That she shared a jewel of writing.
    You are right in saying, in todays rat race we forget the importence of WE, but as you said there is HOPE, when people like swadhyay parivar are working to unit us back to the saying “Vasuda eva Kutumba Kum”

    Keep writing….

  7. Very true in today’s society where we is almost replaced by I in all areas and this has made human loner in spite of all developments. Dadajis krutibhakti is one I think solves all. Working without any selfish motives in society one slowly habitually performs ones duties keeping we in mind and not I even in family n relations. I think that’s beauty of feeling near to God performing our duties as a householder.

  8. Reminds me of rule of thumb explicitly taught to us in school “I or me always goes last in a sentence”. Although as I grew up I realised that there is no grammatical or other logical reason for that. It’s simply to express courtesy and politeness.

    It’s an interesting thought GB and I am glad you are using this platform to pen it down. What we as a society need is stop craving for a need to create a skewed self-image on social network sites. The day we start giving it less importance and focus on starting over (new pattern of thoughts, new wave of emotions, a new ways of connecting to the world) then most definitely we will realise the true potential of ‘WE’.

    1. True Vidhi..WE have to create this patterns and thoughts but we can re create these old system s in contemporary form

  9. Nice start Bhai… Kudos !
    I believe it’s in our DNA generically to think “I” way…But there are wiser amongst us in different fields who understands perils of this… To me what is deteriorating is quality of that layer… For eg. Second or third layers of political leadership during freedom be fight was arguably better than our current top Leaderhip…
    Also, there is nothing wrong in thinking “I” way.. within “we” boundaries set by the wiser ppl..
    Only if “I” excel, society grows more meaningfully.. we all know what happened to socialist USSR after Marx..
    Lastly.. I could relate this blog remotely with similar topic covered beautifully by Amish tripathi in his Shiva trilogy… Chandravanshi vs suryavanshi ways of living… Both are right at specific time period of kaal-khand..
    My favorite Geeta verse..Parivartan sansar ka niyam Hai…
    A bit too much of comments ha:)
    Keep writing my friend

  10. Very nice article Gaurang… After a long time I read something these much thoughtful… Great start !! I appreciate the comments of Jateen, agreed With him:)

  11. Really Gaurang bhai… its heart touching…. v.deep thought…. And by these kind of virus we can spread​ lovely humanity …. Society can became 1 home from individual rooms… because there is nice .. many and deep meanings for WE and I… V.lovely thought and what you are doing for society is really appreciable…. Keep it up… And we are there where you want …

  12. Very well said Gaurang Bhai
    We can name your article as
    ‘संघेशक्ति कलौयुगे ।’

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