To reach WISDOM, one needs to begin in WONDER.

Today, on auspicious Gudi Padwa, I am going to write briefly about a WONDER called INDIA

Oops.. not India, which has a history of just Hundreds of years. Rather, I would call it  ‘A wonder that was BHAARAT’ which has a rich history of Thousands of years.

After 250 years of Foreign Rule and 70 years of Independence, we still see a divide between INDIA and BHAARAT.

For Centuries, the world had an outlook of ‘mystery’ or ‘ ‘curiosity’ or even ‘greed’ for BHAARAT.

When they left us, the INDIA was born with new challenges, aspirations and always having a feeling of lagging behind in the race of DEVELOPMENT

Most of us Indians still live the Life somewhere between BHAARAT and INDIA but do not know much about BHAARAT as it is missing from formal Education.

The best way out is to travel back to that era i.e. Vedic Era which roughly started around 5000 years back.

Imagine this ancient nation BHAARAT as a big PALACE and yourself as a little curious Kid who wonders about this palace’s size, interiors and everything it has hidden.

With the energy and wonder of that kid, we need to visit each and every corner of this palace to realize the magnanimity of our Country’s philosophical, natural and cultural wealth.

About the Blog Series

This Blog Series will be a humble yet firm attempt to take readers as travelers to different nook and corners of BHAARAT like:-

– Six Sytems of Indian Philosophy. One of them is most famous  as ‘Yog’

– Wisdom of Vedic Scriptures and various Epics like MAHABHARAT

– Vedic Women who are not known to us who were truly empowered

– Interesting Customs/Traditions removing myths and misunderstanding surrounding them

– Unknown Communities, Cults, and Beliefs which brought Unity in Diversity

& last but not the least

– Sages, Saints, Acharyas, Reformers, and other great personalities who shaped our present

WHY do this?

Because Humankind’s progress depends on



– PEOPLE of this Nation over the years have got inspired by dedicated efforts of many great leaders who need to be recognized and their Life-Work and Ideas need to be passed on to generations.

– HISTORY always repeats itself so we need to find connecting dots of today’s challenges to get some clues from the past for solutions.

Lastly, the ENVIRONMENT or context in which it thrived for ages can help us to APPLY Vedic Philosophy and its Way of Life in Modern Times.

How we got name BHAARAT?

BHAA means ‘bright light/light of fire’ and RAT refers to ‘engrossed/engaged/devoted’.

This brightness or fire like light is the light of KNOWLEDGE or ULTIMATE TRUTH

This land has always been a land of SEEKERS.

Seekers of the truth. The truth behind our existence.


Can we say that BHAARAT as a nation or a place was full of knowledgeable and firebrand people in its ancient times? Not sure?

It was for sure that the main pursuit of people of Bhaarat was to engage in a search of True Knowledge which would take them to highest Truth.

Those original residents of BHAARAT founded and developed their own indigenous Way of Life, Way of Thinking and Way of Worshipping to achieve this.

Mind it, it was NOT A RELIGION as that word was even not coined then.

In the hindsight, they created civilization, culture, kingdom and a nation.

But, their GOAL was always only ONE – Reach the ULTIMATE.

Their Brightness and Prosperity is reflected through different types of archeological and linguistic research done by researchers across the world.

One such testimony to this prosperity is given by Marco Polo, a Venetian visitor to India in 1290 CE. He described India in his writings as “the most prosperous of all, in the world he had seen.”

Mark Twain, an American Author’s famous remark in 1896 CE highlighted this point:-

“India is

the cradle of the human race,

the birthplace of human speech,

the mother of history,

the grandmother of legend, and

the great grand mother of tradition.

Our most valuable and most instructive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.”

The reason to bring this association is the declaration in our scriptures..  दुर्लभं भारते जन्म  which means ‘Every Bhaaratiya must believe that to get birth in this country is a rare and precious event’.

This is now just a thought. Thousand years back it was a strong belief of the Sages which they transmitted to people creating a sense of love for the motherland and for its natural and man-made resources.

Hope you are ready to be my co-traveller in this Journey to the known Unknown about our own greatness. If yes, watch out this space for more.

While what I will present may appear as one side of the coin, you can very well be the other side of that coin by sharing your views in the comment section.

[ My next Post will be about – Principles of  Ṛta and  Ṛna  in Vedic Philosophy. ]


5 thoughts on “|| A WONDER THAT WAS BHAARAT ||

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  1. GB as always, the post was gripping wherein I surely was the child with energy and wonder. To read and make the reader curious is a distinctive quality which you are taking care beautifully in your post. Thank you so much for this enriching research in one of the lost areas of our race..

  2. Excited to be part of this journey with you my friend … Indeed a great thought to start such series n I have no doubts you will be the best guide …

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