1 Truth, 2 Principles and 3 Debts

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|| The Wonder That Was Bhaarat ||

In the last post, we saw that Vedic People were the SEEKERS OF TRUTH.

Not the TRUTH which WE manipulate and create our versions to suit our selfish motives, but the ULTIMATE TRUTH which can only be ONE.

Let’s try to understand what kind of 1 TRUTH those Sages were longing to realize or experience.

Yes, it was experiential knowledge, which they called Vidya विद्या.

(what knowledge we learn in school or college is not Vidya, but it is Skill or Kalaa कला).

Sages or Rishis of Vedic Period followed a method very different from the one followed by modern science and it did not need any laboratory experiments.

Their method was

  • to contemplate,
  • to meditate and
  • to go into a deep state where they would connect to Cosmic Power strongly

What they realized was in the form of Voice.

They arranged it in the form of Vedas.

Since it was heard it was called Shruti.

What is 1 TRUTH?


RIGVEDA, World’s known oldest scripture revealed the TRUTH that our Universe was CREATED by SUPREME POWER.

Rishis called it BRAHMAN ब्रह्म which is a combination of:-

  • SAT सत, i.e. EXISTENCE (The WORLD Part)
  • CHITTA चित्त i.e Awareness or CONSCIOUSNESS (The SELF Part)
  • ANANDA आनंद i.e. Happiness or BLISS (The GOD Part)

This ‘Satchidananda’ or ‘Paramatma’ has created the ‘Atman’ or ‘Spirit’ or ‘Soul’ and is prevalent in the Universe.

Just like Body has Cells, Universe has Atman.

SOUL takes the form of the BODY.

But, it’s ultimate aim is to finally merge into ‘Paramatma’ from where it separated.

When created SOUL is in pure BLISS form. Along its journey in EXISTENCE, it gets CONSCIOUSNESS. 

2 PRINCIPLES which govern this Universe.

Vedas initially identified the principle of  ‘Ruta’ ऋत i.e. One Cosmic Order or Law of Nature according to which ‘BRAHMAN’ who is COSMIC POWER governs this Universe.

This COSMIC ORDER leads to creation of many FORCES or DEITIES or  देव  like

– Indra (Leader of All),

– Mitra (Daylight/Protector of Ruta),

– Varun (Water/Ocean),

– Agni (fire),

– Marut (Air),

– Ushas (Dawn),

– Soma (Moon)

– Aditi (Moral Order)

– Yama (Death)

Each Deity or Force follows a law of Nature as its Dharma and is bound by it.

So basically Vedas neither mention about religious fearful Gods nor the Gods who needing appeasement.

The GOD of VEDAS is ONE and



Sages experienced the TRUTH of

  • Existence,
  • Awareness, and
  • Bliss

in their Sadhana or Penance and

concluded that this world is MAYA, an illusion.

Behind it lies a Cosmic Order which is established by Ultimate Reality.

The sages delved deeper and explained the same ‘Ruta’ as 2 different principles of




2 D and K.jpg

Dharma is unlike today’s religion and states that there is unchanging, ever present, universal law ‘Ruta’ which defines our duties and rights.

All our acts and deeds need to follow it as

Moral order,

Natural order and

Ritual order.

Moral Order will determine every being’s behavior with each other.

For example a code of conduct like not to harm others, not to steal or kill others etc.

According to Sanatana Dharma of Vedic Culture:-

  • To live is to live together.
  • To live is to live in Harmony with Nature and other Human beings.            Those who do not follow this Order will suffer the fruits of such Actions.

Here comes the Law of Karma.

Soul in the form of Body over various births suffers or enjoys fruits of past birth’s actions which is ‘Karma’.

If a Soul needs to get liberated from the cycle of birth and reach the stage of ABSOLUTE BLISS then all the Karma needs to be discharged.

So Dharma and Karma are like siblings driving the Universe.

Humans also interact with natural forces and Sages devised RITUALS for the same

Today, they look very mechanical but each Ritual has a natural or scientific principle behind it.

For example, if one has to write a letter to someone, he will have to post it by putting a stamp over a cover at the post office.

All these tasks are also rituals but needed.

Thus, RITUALS of VEDAS are needed to harmonize with NATURE.

What are 3 Debts or ‘Runa’ ऋण ?


The Principles of Dharma or Karma when followed or violated create a Debt.

Since in any relation or interaction, there is a give and take, it’s part fulfillment results in a debt.

If as embodied human being, the soul does some act of goodness to another soul, these two souls can again interact with each other in some other bodies in some other birth.

So, just appreciate that your parents, spouse, friends or enemies are all result of your past debts. They are in your Life with a purpose.

In Vedic Texts, ‘Runa’ are 3 types of Debts which needs to be discharged by Human Being in his or her course of Journey.

(1) Devaruna Debt due to Divine Forces like Sun, Rain, Fire, Earth etc. To be discharged by performing sacrifices or rituals.

(2) RishirunaDebt due to Sages by the acquisition of and imparting knowledge which they passed on from Universal Power to Humankind.

(3) Pitruruna Debt due to ancestors and parents by becoming a householder and maintaining the continuity of the family institution by begetting children.

Along with discharging ‘Karma’, a SOUL has to discharge all of its ‘Runa’ in order to again reach the stage of absolute BLISS.

ONE COMMON WAY to discharge them is follow rituals like


ANOTHER way is to

Always follow the PATH OF DHARMA

Do all actions by treating them as just an insignificant part of this COSMIC ORDER.

The Sun always rises,

A River always flows,

A Tree gives shadow and fruits.









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